46255 I-94 S. SERVICE DR
Every other Saturday Mixed
Skirts & Shirts 6pm
$14 per week
music will be playing
no serious bowling allowed
fun night out with friends
Has 9 teams still time to join

Saturday Night Out 8:30 pm
$14 per week   
music will be played
Has 14 teams still time to join
Senior 9 Pin No Tap
open to anyone age 50 and older
Tuesday October 21st
$8.00 per person    Starts @ 1pm
3 games, optional mystery jackpots, lucky strike, prize money
Monday    9am to 11pm
Tuesday   noon to 11pm
Wednesday    9am to 11pm
Thursday     noon to 11:30pm
Friday    9am to 11pm
Saturday   9am  to 11pm
Sunday   noon to 11pm
Due to a tournament today, Sunday November 16,
there will be no open bowling
until after 3:30.
Open Bowling Special
All You Can Bowl
9:30pm to Midnight
$5.95 per person
shoe rental $1.75
Saturday Youth & Bumper League
10 am
- 12th Grade
Open to All Skill Levels
Starts September
openings for all age groups

Friday & Saturday 9 Pin No Tap
10 pm
Doubles & Singles
Adult  / Youth League