9-Pin No-Tap Rules
46255 I-94 S. SERVICE DR
9-Pin No-Tap Rules
Due to the large number of no shows, last minute cancellations, and changes, it is the
responsibility of the bowlers to fill out the scorecard sheets with complete names, averages,
and handicaps.

  • Bowlers will use their highest average from last year’s yearbook.
  • If a bowler does not have an average from last year, the highest yearbook
    average from any yearbook (including youth) from any season may be used.
  • Bowlers with no prior yearbook average, who are currently bowling in a league
    with twenty-one (21) games or more, will use that current average.
  • If none of the above applies, bowlers will enter with the base score of 140 for
    women and 160 for men.
  • If we cannot verify averages from a yearbook, it is the responsibility of the bowler
    to prove verification of average prior to any prize money being paid.
  • No-tap doubles handicap is based on 80% of the difference between the sum of
    the bowlers’ averages and the base score of 400.  Any team averaging over 400
    will be negative at 100%.
  • No-tap singles handicap is based on 80% of the difference between the individual’
    s average and the base score of 220.

  • You will be given 10 (ten) lucky strike tickets with your entry.
  • We will sell tickets during the first game.  You can buy as many as you want.
  • You have to throw 2 strikes to win entire jackpot, knocking down 10 pins each
  • Bowlers will be permitted to bowl up to one-half of all lucky strike jackpots.
  • If jackpots are odd, we will round down to the lower even number.
  • Max number of jackpots you are allowed to bowl in is 2 (two).

  • Bowlers must be 18 years of age to participate in our 9-Pin No-Tap.
  • Falsification of average by any bowler (in doubles or singles) will result in disqualification
    of the team and/or single and loss of any prize money earned.
  • All averages and handicaps of those who cash will be verified.
  • Prize money may be picked up ONLY by the person who placed, unless other
    arrangements are made in person with management.  Please be prepared to show
    photo identification when picking up any money.

  • Lodge Lanes reserves the right to re-rate any bowler's average AT ANY TIME,
    WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.  We also reserve the right to refuse entry into the no-tap at
    any time, to any persons.